I feel such pressure to write something profound for my first post. Then I realize it’s likely no one will see this one anyway.

I’m a wife and mother. I’m an actress, director and playwright. Above all that, I’m a follower of Jesus – I’m not crazy about the word Christian, saddled as it is with negative connotations to so many. That doesn’t mean I never use it; I’m just not crazy about it.

I believe passionately in the power of drama to change hearts and lives, because I see from reading the gospels that Jesus used drama (parables) to teach. I write for and direct a drama ministry in north Texas. We call ourselves Acts of Faith, both because we are acting out our faith, and because every time we step onto the stage it is an act of faith (particularly when the memorization is a little shaky!)

My hope is to use this blog to share my thoughts on drama in worship, and to share the process as we work on our productions. I spent some time looking for a page like this and finally decided I ought to write one. I intend to update it regularly – we’ll see how it goes. (I have a friend who would tell me, “You either do it or not, there is no intend.”)