We had our first rehearsal last night for a sketch we’ll be presenting the first Sunday in December. First rehearsals are always strange – it feels like we’re handling the script with gloves on. We don’t know it well enough to really touch it yet. We haven’t found the spark that will bring the words to life.

I always think, at this point of the process, of John – The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. Not that bringing a drama to life can even begin to compare to the incarnation of Jesus. But I see it in analogy, see it as a way to catch the tiniest glimpse of what it means for words, or the Word, to live and breathe. A script is nothing but ink on paper until we come and lend life to it.

Obviously we, being human, have no way to create true life. But through drama, through bringing words to life, I’m reminded that as we were created in the image of God, so our creativity was given in image of God’s creativity. God spoke, and it was. We’ve been given the privilege to speak and show others how it is.

I’m humbled by the responsibility to approach a script and make it breathe, make it true. Even when we’re doing comedy, something that seems light and unimportant, it has the chance to capture a snapshot of life and show that picture to someone who may never have seen it before. Words have power. They should never be approached lightly.