We’ve done it now. The new play (tentatively titled Safe Haven) is officially on the church calendar for the weekend of April 11. Guess this means I’d better finish it.

This is going to be a real act of faith, as this is an entirely new direction for us. Every Easter for the past five years, we’ve presented a full-scale Passion play. This began as a choir musical with some drama linking the scenes, but as the drama ministry grew, the Passion play became true musical theater – a story told through drama, supported by songs. This is what our church does every spring. The congregation knows that. The community knows that.

But not this year.

We are (as of last month) between worship pastors, and we didn’t feel we could pull off the full-scale musical without a music director. So we’re doing something completely different – a contemporary drama with no music, no dancing, no smoke machines. The last couple of years I wanted to try something like this. People stop paying attention if you do the same thing all the time, so I’ve wanted to do something new, something to splash cold water on their faces and wake them up. But now that I have the chance to do so, I’m scared to death.

What if nobody likes it? What if nobody even comes? What if I pour hours and my soul into this production, and the reaction is – What happened to the donkey they used to have?

This is where prayer comes in, and faith to follow God’s leading down a path I haven’t known. He took away the option of the Easter musical, despite our prayers to the contrary, so He apparently wants us to try something different. He put the idea for this script into my heart before I knew we wouldn’t be doing the Passion play, so I know it’s a story He wants told. Now it’s a matter of trusting Him – trusting that He’ll give me the words to finish the script, trusting that He’ll bring our cast together to learn a very different type of play, trusting that He’ll prepare people’s hearts to be able to receive it. He always does this, you see. He always puts us in a place where, when we’re successful, we have no choice but to give Him the glory, because we know we didn’t do it on our own.

And I’m grateful for that. I just hope no one asks about the donkey.