I have pecan pies baking in the oven, and boy do they smell good. We’re taking off tomorrow for our traditional Thanksgiving with some friends in Arkansas. We switch off every year whose house we meet at – this is supposedly my year not to have to cook, but considering the amount of baking I’m doing today, I’d say “not cooking” is a relative term.

I thought I’d take this chance before I leave for several days to list some things I’m thankful for. Original, I know. To make it interesting (and to keep it on topic) I worked it into an acrostic of Acts of Faith.

A – Actors, specifically the members of Acts of Faith. I appreciate all of you so much. You’ve blessed my life.

C – Christ. I’m thankful that He lived, that He died, and that He rose again. And I’m thankful that He chose me.

T – Tech people. I know next to nothing about sound systems or light boards, and I’m so thankful to have people who do know, and who are willing to share their talents.

S – Stories. I’m thankful that God created us with a love of story and an ability to learn from stories. I’m thankful for the way stories speak to human hearts.

O – Offerings. I find it so amazing that God allows us to give offerings to Him, particularly through worship, and that He accepts them. He takes our human efforts and turns them into something magnificent for His glory.

F – Family, especially my wonderful husband and amazing son, who love me so well. I would not make it without you guys.

F – Friends, who really are family as well. My brothers and sisters in Christ have loved me through some difficult times, and I am so thankful.

A – Attitude. I’m thankful that no matter what our circumstances, we can choose what our attitude will be in response.

I – Individualized love. I’m so glad that God loves me differently than He loves John or Jane. When He created me He put something in me that is unique, and He gets something from my love that He can’t get from anyone else. My relationship with Jesus is special in the very best sense of the word – He doesn’t have the same relationship with anyone else on earth!

T – Temperature changes. I’m thankful that we can enjoy all different kinds of weather, that this is yet another way God shows His creativity. I love the fall!

H – Health. I’m thankful to be healthy both physically and spiritually.

What a lot to be thankful for – and there’s so much more that didn’t fit in the acrostic.

Happy Thanksgiving!