I’m trying to work on building a rehearsal schedule. I hate this part of the process.

I read once that you should plan one hour of rehearsal for each minute of the finished performance. Yeesh – we don’t even come close. Actually, on the sketches we come close. But on a full-length play? No. I always try to figure out some way to squeeze in more rehearsal time, but I run up against the fact that people have jobs and lives, and they aren’t willing (or able) to commit to more than two (or sometimes three) rehearsals a week.

It seems like no matter how I lay the schedule out, I always end up feeling like I did it wrong. There’s not enough rehearsal time. Or it’s too scattered – by the time you block the whole show at two rehearsals a week, you’ve forgotten the beginning. Or I have too many rehearsals where people are forced to wait around, needing to be there but not for the whole time.

I thought by now it would be easier. After doing a few shows, I should have a system worked out. And I do – sort of. I’m just not real happy with it, so I always try to tinker. Then I realize there’s not much tinkering room available.

It’s always worked out. I guess I need to accept that there is no perfect system. It’s probably good to see that we don’t have enough rehearsal time to make everything perfect on our own. It forces us to see God’s hand in the process. That’s part of being a ministry rather than a performance group.

Back to this again – that’s why we call ourselves Acts of Faith.

I thought by now that would be easier, too.