Well, auditions are over. I had twelve really talented people audition last night. Unfortunately, there are fourteen roles in the play. Perhaps I went too far with my “this will be an intense rehearsal period; don’t come if you can’t commit” speeches.

So now there are decisions to be made. Regular casting decisions, of course, but also decisions about what to do with my lack of actors. One of the roles is quite small and can be easily doubled – no problem there. But I’m still one short. So do I go beat the bushes and drag in an actor who wasn’t sure he wanted to commit? It seems like a bad idea – I’d regret it when he missed rehearsal; he’d regret it when he was overwhelmed by overcommittment. That leads me to Option 2 – there is one role that could potentially be dissolved. I’m not sure that’s a great idea, either, but it is a nice benfit of writing your own scripts rather than renting them – I can do that kind of thing without breaking copyright law.

As Kiera reminded me in her comment to my previous post, this kind of decision can only be made through prayer. I know that God is the real director of this drama ministry, and I’m only a representative. But it’s hard to sit quietly and listen for that still, small voice when my mind is clamoring, “Hurry up, make a decision, everyone’s waiting.” It’s so temting to jump out and make a decision, any decision, just to have it done. I know that God gave me the inspiration for this script, and I know that He knows exactly how it should all fit together. I just wish He’d give me a call, or send me an e-mail, with His preferred cast list. Oh, and could you do that today, God?

Acts of Faith, over and over and over again. 

On the positive side, among the twelve who did come last night, there aren’t many difficult decisions about cast placement. As we did readings, people seemed to fit pretty naturally into one part or another. Some of them fit right where I’d expected them to. In other cases, readings made it clear someone needed to be cast differently than I’d expected. Which is, I guess, why we do readings.

You know, when I typed “among the twelve” in that last paragraph, it suddenly sounded quite biblical to me. The twelve, sent out to spread the Word. Maybe twelve is a better number for this cast than fourteen.

For those readers who auditioned, I’ll post the cast list here as soon as it’s done. For now, be patient. I’m waiting.