Yes, it’s been over a week since I’ve written. Sorry. Let’s move on.

We had our first rehearsal (read-through) for Safe Haven yesterday. It’s always a little frightening to hear the script out loud for the first time – I hear all those parts where lines don’t sound the way I thought they would, and I end up cringing a lot. But there were remarkably few of those spots yesterday. It went well, and I think I’ll only be tinkering with lines, not writing whole new sections, like I did in Blackwell Inn.

It was also good to hear people reading and feel like I cast it well. Characters and actors are good matches.

One thing I heard as we read yesterday that I didn’t like was how often I used the words christian and christianity in the script. As I mentioned in my very first post on this site, I don’t really like those words. In today’s society, they don’t tend to mean what they’re supposed to. Christian should mean Christ-follower, but to those outside the church, it too often means crazy, hate-filled idiot. A major theme in the script is the difference between those who use their christianity to beat others over the head and those who have genuine faith. I hope, through advertising, to be able to draw in an audience from outside the church, and I hope to show them that following Jesus is different from what they may have thought. But I fear if I use that word too much, they may tune out anything else. So there’s a place for tinkering.