Remember when you were a kid, and you got that new toy for Christmas? Remember how you didn’t want to do anything but play with it all day long – and maybe sleep with it, too? Remember the way it seemed like nothing else would ever be as fun or exciting as that new toy?

Then, remember how you’d forgotten it by the middle of January?

Time to confess, friends and neighbors – that’s how I’m feeling about this blog right now. It’s been two months since I started writing it, and things have really changed. In those first few weeks I was on every day for hours at a time, writing posts, tinkering with layout, reading the forums and learning everything I could about what it meant to blog. I learned quite a bit, actually – not bad for someone who came into this with no clear idea of what a blog was.

Then came December, and I was busy preparing for Christmas, so of course I didn’t spend as much time on the site as I had before. But now it’s January. Christmas is long past, but I still don’t have the drive to be on here every day. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not planning to let the blog die. I still have things to say. I expect I’ll say them once or twice a week.

Time for the deep thoughts (you knew they were coming, right?) Remember when you first gave your life to Jesus, and you didn’t want to do anything but sit with Him all day long? Remember how you’d read the Bible for hours at a time, marvelling at everything you learned? Remember how you couldn’t imagine anything ever being more exciting than Him?

Then time went by, and Jesus got old. You got used to Him. Sure, He was good to have around – wouldn’t want to return Him – but He was one of several things in your life, rather than the only thing.

I think to some degree that’s inevitable. We can’t live constantly at a fever-pitch about anything, or our heads would explode. But if there’s anything worth recapturing excitement about, it’s Jesus. Look at Him with fresh eyes. Read a less-familiar Bible passage, and see something new about Him. Remember why it knocked you out when you first met Him.

Don’t let your Christmas present get old by the middle of January.