Well, the time is here at last. Safe Haven goes into production this week. Lines are learned, sets are built, and all the little details are (I hope!) taken care of. Time for the director to sit back, relax (yeah, right!) and enjoy the show.

There’s a theater tradition that, going into production week, the director hands the show over to the stage manager. That’s all well and good, and I have nothing but confidence in our stage manager, but as we came into this week, I decided to try something different. I handed the show over to the real Stage Manager. That would be God.

Not that I haven’t always given the shows over to God. (Not much choice, really. They’re His shows.) But I don’t remember ever doing it so specifically before. This was Saturday, and I was in the auditorium spending some time in prayer for the production. I told God that I was taking my hands off, and I was putting the show into His hands. I told Him that He was the manager and controller of the play. And then I stepped back.

And truly, I have stepped back. Okay, yes, I’m still watching rehearsals and giving notes. And yes, I’m still dealing with details. But I’m not obsessing with worry over the show the way I usually do.

Why should I? It’s in good hands.