At the first rehearsal for a new production, I ask the cast members to read and sign the following contract. Yes, it frightens some people away, but it helps me ensure that my cast will be dedicated and dependable.

Cast Expectations

Certain things are expected of you as a member of this cast and a servant in this ministry. By joining the cast, you are agreeing to —

— Make rehearsal your priority. Be here when you are scheduled. The entire cast suffers if you’re not here.

— Inform the director as early as possible if a genuine rehearsal conflict arises. The director reserves the right to replace you if this becomes a recurring problem.

— Be on time for all required rehearsals and performances. If something comes up (i.e. stuck in traffic), call the director and let her know what time you expect to arrive.

— Come to rehearsals ready to work. Bring your script and a pencil. Take notes on all directions given so we don’t have to go over old ground at each rehearsal.

— Have lines learned by off-book rehearsals. Mistakes are expected, but you shouldn’t need to call “line” on every sentence.

— Be here for the last four rehearsals, no exceptions, as if they were performances.

— Consult the director before making any changes to your appearance (i.e. hair color or length).

— Respect other actors and crew members. Do your job and let them do theirs.

— Refrain from using your cell phone during rehearsals.

— Take care of borrowed props and costumes as well as the rehearsal space. Clean up any food or drinks you bring with you.

— Plan to participate in set construction and strike, if needed.

— Conduct yourself in a manner showing it is both a privilege and a responsibility to represent our Lord through drama.

— Remember this is first and foremost a ministry. Be prepared to love and serve each other and to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus through this process.

— Expect to laugh a lot. We’re going to have fun.